Plainview Baptist Church
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Serving the Lord

Plainview Baptist Church's Prayer List

as of December 6, 2017

Plainview Church Family Requests/Praises
Charlie Fergerson: slowly getting strength back
Juanita Pendergraft: passed away
Hilda Williams: recovering well
Jessie Holleman: homebound
Jewell Holloway: homebound
Russ Kernechel: homebound
Peggy Shepherd: homebound
Family & Friends Requests
Peggy Adcock: fell & broke hip, had surgery
Dorothea Allen: baby due in March; pray for healthy pregnancy
Diane Bates: leukemia treatments
Jesse Ditzer: completed the Appalachian Trail, back at home; pray for next steps
Katelin Gore: shattered leg bone, dealing with infection
Louise Gower: stage 4 bone cancer; in a great deal of pain
David Johnson: David's mother passed away
Jenny Jones: colon cancer, chemo treatments
Brandon McGhee: recent wrist surgery
Linda Medlin: stage 4 cancer; treatments have resulted in some tumor shrinkage
Nancy Mishue: MS, pray for daily strength
Kenneth Pace: recovering alcoholic, has begun drinking again
Sue Page: son had recent throat procedure
Paola: pray for salvation, deliverance, & emotional healing, and that God would bring Spirit-filled Christian friends into her life
Ronald Poplin: lung cancer
Thomas Powell: home from hospital and progressing
Florence Prignano: Fell and broke arm and finger, bruised ribs
Mandy Rigsbee: ongoing health issues
Uncle Tommy: recent surgery to remove part of foot
Annie Wyatt: hip surgery went well, but one hip has dislocated
General Requests
Youth Minister search: pray for the youth ministry during this transition
Our church: pray for God to continue His work of renewal/revival
Blackwell Cottage (Baptist Children's Home): pray for house parents and children - spiritual warfare
Ben & Allison Weimar: pray for their work with Youth for Christ camp
Daniel Stephens: pray for his work with Samaritan's Purse
Unspoken: pray for restoration